• Rolex N Factory V7 Edition Explorer 214270-77200 Men's mechanical watches

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    Rolex V7 Edition Explorer 214270-77200 introduction
    Rolex V7 Edition Explorer 214270-77200
    39 mm diameter, man 2836 Rui Machine Clone original cal.3132 Case Material: Stainless steel Mirror material: sapphire crystal glass    Waterproof Depth: 100 m.                                

    N Factory v7 version

    This probe has passed the authoritative certification of precision timepieces at the top Swiss Observatory, which was re-established by Rolex in 2015 and is far more standard than the industry's conventional standards. N Factory using the original opening mold, to create a V7 version of the explorer generation, not only meticulous workmanship, but also adhering to the Rolex Precision testing mode, after the assembly of accessories to complete precision testing, tuning testing and waterproofing testing.

    Model: 214270-77200 Black Plate

    The watch follows a typical oyster case, the dial selects the avant-garde cool black, and uses the classic Mercedes-Benz pointer, paired with the stereo rectangular timescale, where 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions are Arabic numeral timescale, the overall simple and easy to read. As far as the old model is concerned, the new probe has increased the length of the minute needle criticized by the fans in the past, and in 3, 6, 9 o'clock also has the function of luminous display, after the improvement of the disk layout more comfortable and beautiful.

    One of them is known as the "purest sports table", the contour of the steel case is beautiful and clear, while the outer ring is polished and polished shiny, the type is non-rotating bevel bezel. Disk no Set Date window display function, only a single time display function, and equipped with anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass mirror, solid, indestructible.

    Using the swivel double-button lock waterproof crown, its side top engraved with the "Rolex" Classic Crown icon, tuning and winding feel comfortable.

    The side lines are smooth and natural, the ear curvature is slender and rounded, the diameter size is 39 mm, and the thickness is 13 mm.

    Sealing design, the use of triangular pit bottom cover, built into the cal.3132 automatic mechanical movement, stable and accurate travel.

    The steel strap type is a solid quality three-row chain oyster bracelet, not only brushed and polished fine, but also wearing radians to fit the wrist.

    The oyster type insurance folding buckle prevents the clasp from being accidentally opened and places the EasyLink easy-to-tune device, allowing the strap to be easily extended by 5 mm.

    Time, minute hand and time mark are covered with chromalight luminous materials, in the dark environment can emit a bright and conspicuous blue night light, access to a variety of occasions can maintain readability.

    Left face than

    The workmanship and performance of the swivel table are in agreement with the original version, from the side can be seen that the dial literal timescale height is also parallel to the counter version, to achieve a complete 1:1.

    Right face than

    The curvature and thickness of the side lines are consistent with the original version, in addition to the counter edition of the material is 904L fine steel, and N factory version of the material is 316L fine steel quality.

    Top contrast

    Equipped with a high permeability sapphire glass mirror, the height of the lens remains the same as the original version.

    Table Crown Comparison

    The gear lines on the side of the upper chain Crown are also very meticulous in place, not only the same size as the original, the chain feel is also excellent.

    Inverted angle Comparison

    Carefully compare the chamfering of the workmanship, drawing and polishing the dividing line is exactly the same, N factory version of the workmanship of the counter version.

    Back contrast

    The all-dense bottom structure, the back size and workmanship are very similar to the original version, the N factory version of the bottom cover has been achieved with the original swap.

    Bottom cover Contrast

    All use triangular pit bottom cover, the bottom cover using a full drawing process, edge treatment with the same as the counter version, fine workmanship.

    nightlight Contrast

    The N factory version uses the superlumed Swiss fluorescent material, which is consistent with the original, and the color and brightness of the two are as strong as.

    Summary: Since the 30 's, Rolex has been providing a solid and reliable timepiece for Himalayan explorers, so the Rolex brand not only has the adventurous spirit to move forward, but also symbolizes pioneering and enterprising. As an introductory foundation in Rolex watches, the explorer generation, while abridged and functional, continues Rolex's superior performance, rock-solid and Hungo. Welcome to Kamishin Order; biao2255


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