• V9 Audemars Piguet Millennium Series 15350 Men's mechanical watches feature genuine consistent

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     V9 Audemars Piguet series 15350 men's watch, a hand to know the sturdy watch. V9 spares no expense to open the original mold, and the original 4101 movement is opened one by one to ensure the height reduction and ensure the stability of the movement. The outer layer of cast copper is then plated with 750 gold (gold plating to a thickness of 5 filaments), not only close to the original weight, but also lasting without fading. The same size as the original: 41 mm x 47 mm, thickness 13 mm. The case completely transcribes the original data, even the screw opening position and size are the same. The ring, bottom cover, lens and other parts can be used with the original. This is definitely a new height of the hollow complex complex engraving table, paying tribute to the original.
    Specific evaluation:
    1. Movement structure: The original Cal.4101 movement made by V9 adopts the same “twisting” structure as the original, so that the mechanical device hidden in the depth of the case is exposed on the surface. To achieve this, the adjustment components of the balance wheel, pallet fork and escapement have been redesigned. 12 bridge plates are on the surface of the movement. These bridges are used to fix the bridges of different components on the surface in three parallel arcs. The transverse Geneva ripples on the bridge, the pearl dot grinding, the snail thread and other delicate decoration and more The hierarchical movement structure is completely restored. Exposed screws on the left side of the surface echo the arc of the horizontal oval case, and the round spherical ruby ​​above the dial at 10, 11 and 12 o'clock, all the details are restored, paying tribute to the top light industry in China.
    2, literally: This table looks like a literal, the actual process time to reach three literals, each of the Romans are copied separately to open the mold, the font position, size and original match. The same high-end oil-filling glazing process as the original is used to ensure that the gloss of the font is consistent, and the word is the facade concept. The texture is more than the original. The mirror is the same as the original arched sapphire glass, which is scratch resistant and highly permeable.
    3, material: In order to close to the original weight, on the basis of the steel case, the outer layer of copper is then plated with 750 gold (gold plating thickness reaches 5 wires), not only to ensure sufficient weight, but also to last for the color.
    4, the versatility of the parts: the case completely transcribe the original data, even the screw opening position and size are the same. The ring, bottom cover, lens and other parts can be used with the original.
    5, size: ? The same size as the original: 41 mm x 47 mm, thickness 13 mm. This is the benefit of the original mold opening.
    This watch is a typical real thing, the upper and lower diameters will not exceed the width of the wrist, but the width of the left and right can make the overall feeling very angry, highly recommended. Have you visited some luxury homes with inner and outer landscapes, and the indoor living space seems to be inseparable from the surrounding courtyards. The lush vegetation stretches into the living room, and the sofa chairs seem to be placed on the green grass? The Millenary Millennium 4101 is a seamless feel. The new design breaks the boundaries between the inside and the outside, overturning the specification of the watch design that only involves external components such as the dial, case and strap. A typical watch often focuses only on the design, but the internal movement only takes into account the functionality but ignores the aesthetic requirements. The Millenary Millennium 4101 is a combination of both inside and outside, functional and aesthetic design, regardless of each other.


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